Momlog: 2014 Boogers


Since the Boy was very little I’ve been a Nazi about him putting his finger up his nose. Well, maybe not a Nazi because that’s pretty hateful and cruel but some torture may have been involved.

I was with some friends the other day, most of whom are parents and I shared this story. I thought for sure I had written this one on the Momlog because it grossed me out and it’s funny although at the time…not so much.

A few months ago the kids and I were visiting my parent’s church. We attend church weekly so the Boy is pretty clear on what behaviors I expect at church. We attend a church plant in our town which means our church is in an elementary school which by nature is designed (I think) for the dirt to show so it can be cleaned up; the floors are white, the surfaces are flat and smooth. My parent’s church has a beautiful new building. The alter area has a facing on it that is rock. It fits nicely with the outside design of the building. It’s a Texas thing. We design our buildings in a rustic way to reflect the rustic terrain outside since my parent’s church is way out in the wilderness (the first time I took the Hubs there he asked if I was taking him to the “batcave”…I laughed and said, “Well, Robin will be there” – the pastor’s first name is Robin.)

During the course of the service, we were invited to come to the alter. The pastor prayed over us. As he is praying, I look down and the Boy has the biggest booger on his finger…I really don’t know how he had a booger that big in his nose. He is about to wipe it right on the rock on the facing of their alter. I grabbed his arm…avoiding the booger. So gross. As soon as the prayer finished, I found a tissue for him. Here we are at the alter in a rather large church and I’m lecturing my son that “we don’t wipe booger on thing especially not on the alter of a church…it’s God’s house.” Also makes me a little sad that I have failed to teach my son about the sanctity of God’s house but that’s probably another post.

No matter how gross I thought that was, I do have a one praise report out of the event…PRAISE GOD, THE BOY DIDN’T PUT THAT BOOGER IN HIS MOUTH!!!”

BTW, if the Girl, who is now 15 months old, even hears the word nose, she sticks her finger right up her nose and walks around like that. The reality is I am praying for crop failure in my life…I was a nose picker. I was doing it at least age 4 or 5 because I can remember doing it.


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