Abuse of Spiritual Authority


Stop abusing those in spiritual authority over you.

We have had our share of spiritual abuse in our family…in the last 8 years not even including before that.  From pastors advising us not to get married to pastors cursing us for leaving their church.  It’s crazy out there in church land.  I’m not trying to bare the nakedness of the church out to the world. Just stating the facts.

We have to show love to unlovely people.   Sometimes the unlovely people are those in positions of spiritual authority.  Have I had many “wins” at doing this …Not so much.  God lets you take the test again and again until you get it right.

A few weeks ago, our pastor was out of town and we had a “special speaker”.  He was talking about “under cover” although really he was talking about leadership.  I found my notes and in my notes I had written:

“Stop spiritual abuse; stop abusing those in authority over you.”

Everyone wants to talk about the spiritual abuse they have suffered at the hands of someone in authority over them but no one talks about the beating our pastors and leaders take from us.

We have all done it….we have “vented” at the expense of someone .  We have spoken negatively over our pastors instead of praying for them.  We have talked about their kids and their spouses and we have put down their best effort. STOP.

A sign I’ve seen…”Have you prayed about it as much as you talked about it?”

Today, pray for your pastor.  If you think of something negative, then pray it out.  God is bigger than that.  God is bigger than all of that.

And the truth is, we reap what we sow.  If you will love the unlovely, then when you are being unlovely someone will have grace for you.


God bless you all today.

BTW- We love our pastors and are praying for them…no venting here.



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