God is Excited and You will Reap


Lot’s of changes have been happening in our family.  My posts have slowed down because I am homeschooling now, so my days are full of filling my son up with knowledge and hopefully some wisdom.

The boy is beginning to show an interest in God and the Bible.  In fact, yesterday he came to read me something he wrote…it was about loving people (It didn’t really make a lot of sense but it was his “playtime” not school so I  just listened).  He ended it with “Matthew 6:44” (I was pretty sure Matthew 6 doesn’t have 44 verses).  I looked up “Matthew 6:44” and sure enough, there are not that many verses in Matthew 6.  I asked him about it and he told me he made it up and that he made up another scripture.  I did tell him that we can not “make up” scriptures…it doesn’t work that way.  I do like his interest.

He has been coming up with some stuff lately.  As most 6 year olds do, he will tell me things out of the blue and not at all related to the conversation we are having.  A few days ago, we had this conversation:

The boy:  Mom, God is excited about the things that I am excited about.

Me:  (in my head:  Wow, that’s pretty good)  Where did you learn that?  (hoping he learned it at home)

The boy:  From Pastor…(trying to think of his name)

Me:  Pastor Harry?

The boy:  No, the children’s pastor….(still thinking)

Me:  Pastor Eddie?

The boy:  Yes, pastor Eddie.  He said God excited about the things that make me excited.

I’m excited about about a church that that is teaching my son that God loves him.  Of course, we have seen the hand of God on my son’s life.  God took him from a dangerous and godless situation and placed him in our home.  I credit that to the prayers of his fraternal grandmother who is a praying woman.

In addition to homeschooling, we are also working on a church launch team for City Chapel. We are very excited about all that God is doing in our church.  Last night, we had a Launch Team Service.  Our pastor preached about Elijah and the widow with her two sons, who filled empty vessels with oil to pay her family’s debts and to live on; the miracle of the empty vessels.  He said our responsibility as a church isn’t to get the oil…it is to bring all the empty vessels we can find into the house so they can be filled.  God performs the miracle of adding the oil.   Then he challenged us to write down the names of 10 people we know who are empty and need filling and then pray for them daily.

I’m a praying person and I’ve done similar challenges.  There are some people who have been on my “list” for years.  I am tired of praying for them.  Yes, I wrote that.  There are some people who I’m getting weary of praying for.   I was praying and talking to God and I said, “Father, there are some people who I love and I want them to know you but I am tired of praying for them.  When I get tired I don’t do it.  Would you give me the 10 you want me to pray for because if you give me the list, my spirit will be stirred about it.”  Truthfully, it’s kind of a lazy prayer because I’m not disciplined to pray for the people around me who need to know Jesus.  Then I heard God say, “I’m excited about what makes you excited.”  And then one of our weekly memory verses came to mind (A scripture I memorized as a child and then my son memorized recently for school), “Do not be weary in doing good for in the proper time you will reap a harvest if you do not give up.” (Galatians – NIV)  When I was a kid, I learned it like this, “Do not be wearing in well doing for in due season you will reap if you faint not.” (KJV)  Basically,  stop being a quitter.

Earlier in this week, God was reminding me that we reap a harvest for things we sow for years and years.  Because seeds produce in multiplication…one kernel of corn sown reaps thousands of kernels of corn.

I have often considered my parents and our family.  My sisters and I all serve in our churches, we are all giving and we are raising our children to know the Lord.  How is it possible that my parent’s children and their spouses and their children all have relationships with God?  I want to know because I want to see some of the same results.  I’ve found that my parents sowed seeds many years ago.  They took us to church, they taught us the Bible at home, we listened to a lot of Chuck Swindoll on the radio while eating breakfast, they tithed no matter what their finances looked like and they loved us.   What ever we put our hand to in ministry will be banking in their heavenly accounts because they sowed a seed into something; some ones they were excited about.

In these years, when we are teaching our children about the goodness of God, we may not see the exact results we are hoping for but eventually, we will see a harvest.

Because God is excited about what we are excited about and He has promised we will see a harvest if we do not give up.

So I’m adding my loved ones to my list and I will sow those prayers again and again.  They cannot run away from God.  If they go to the depths of the see or to the mountain top…God is there.

I’m excited about reaping.

I’m expecting a harvest.

God is good!


One thought on “God is Excited and You will Reap

  1. Thank you for the timely reminder not to give up in prayer for people that we have been praying about for years. I have one person in particular that I have prayed for now for five years. I will not grow weary in Jesus name.

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