“When we’re dealing with low gift and low anointing people you have individuals like Cain and Esau. They don’t have the sense to recognize an opportunity. Cain is the firstborn after the fall and he has the opportunity to set the tone for everybody that was not born in a perfect environment, but he squanders his gift because he allows avarice, jealousy and pride to destroy someone he should have been partnering with. So now his resume doesn’t show any qualitative development and growth. He becomes the founder of a system that is exploitative.”  -Bishop Tudor Bismark

Read this quote on Facebook the other day and thought of someone who seems to, for lack of a better phrase, not like me.  My usual response to people who aren’t a fan is to really not care.  I’ve had several experiences of people who didn’t like me who later became very close friends.  I kind of grow on people.

The Hubs wasn’t a big fan when he first met me….in my defense, he was the youth pastor at our church and he was constantly hanging out with young people and doing goofy things….like getting his hair highlighted….No…just no.  I believe that was one of our first conversations.  I liked him  just fine…not a fan of the highlights but I liked him.

So there is a person I met recently who hasn’t taken to me.  I am convinced (because I feel God showed me this) that this person is called to be an intercessor in our church.  Right now, I’m heading up the prayer group.

I don’t want to be a low level thinker.   I don’t want to miss God-given opportunities to partner with some one because I’m jealous or walking in pride.  I just don’t.  It’s not worth it.

Of course now, I am going to have to win this person over.  And I will, because mostly, I don’t go away and I don’t give up.

Is there someone in  your life you are meant to partner with who maybe you have overlooked, downplayed or just looked down on?  Maybe reconsider.


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