Sometimes God gives me dreams.  They are usually short and to the point.  The Hubs has these elaborate movie type dreams.  Not me.  This morning, I had a dream I was laying tile in my house.  We have a house in the burbs.  It’s not too fancy.  It’s kind of a “starter house”.  The tile I was saying down looked like this backsplash on the floor and it was shiny:


(Keep in mind, I know NOTHING about laying tile…although I have been threatening my husband that I’m going to rip the carpet out of our downstairs.  He says I won’t do it because that would require me to move the furniture.  He’s right.  I need his muscles.  I would try though.)  I was laying tile and talking to God.  I said to Him, “This tile is too extravagant for our house.”  He said to me, “I am extravagant.”

I woke up.  I began  thinking about that and I told the Hubs “What rhymes with extravagant? We need to write a song about how God is extravagant.”  He couldn’t think of anything but  he did tell me about some weird dream he had.  For some reason he keeps dreaming that there are terrorist in his office. What a way to wake up.

Naturally, I needed to know more about the word extravagant.

According to Websters, extravagant means, “more than is usual, necessary, or proper: very fancy: very expensive and not necessary”  Another part of the definition said, “lacking in moderation, balance, and restraint <extravagant praise>”  And also, “spending much more than necessary”  

Can you imagine God lacking in moderation or restraint?  His LOVE toward us is without restraint.  It is so much more than what is “necessary”.

I often feel that God’s blessings on my life are without restraint.  He blesses me in so many ways that are beyond what is necessary.  He doesn’t only provide for me but He provides in a way that is beyond my wildest imagination.

God is extravagant.

There’s your word for the day.


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