Extravagant II


On Friday, I wrote about waking up from a dream about how extravagant God is.  You can read it here if you missed it.

Later that day, my friend, Suzy texted me to see if I would go out to dinner with some of the ladies from our church.  This is tricky for me because the Hubs is working a different shift and doesn’t get off work until later than most.  Which means, I have to take my children with me or find a sitter and since we are still fostering our little one that means our sitter has to be approved by the state or another foster parent. Suzy and her husband are the ones who got us into fostering and they are a registered home themselves.  They are one of the few people who we can leave our children with (and vise versa).  We often trade off babysitting (it is SOOO our turn to babysit).  She offered for our children to stay with her husband and their broad until the Hubs got off work.  Thus eliminating all my excuses for not going.

It was very nice to get out for some girl time.  Word to my ladies…Evy, Rose, Morgan, Row, Angela and Suzy!

During dinner we talked briefly about how extravagant God is.

like most moms that escape the chaos for an evening…dinner wasn’t quiet enough time to hang out so after dinner Suzy and I headed over to Krispy Kreme.  Besides the fact that after living in Mobile, Alabama and my friends the Williams family introducing me to the “Hot Now” (what we call Krispy Kreme), I’m nostalgic (and chubby).

Is everyone familiar with “Hot Now” donuts?  Just in case you aren’t.  Krispy Kreme is a donut shop out of Atlanta, Georgia (I believe…and if I’m wrong, y’all can all comment and correct me) that has donut shops all over the south.   Yes, you could say it’s a “southern thing”.  When they are making their glazed donuts, they switch on their “Hot Now” sign…

hot now

Which means you can get a free hot donut (that looks like this)

hot glazed

When the sign comes on, this happens….

this is what happens

(people line up for a free donut and a $2 coffee or milk).

Also, if you are at a Krispy Kreme that serves lattes…try a latte with a shot of their original glaze…it’s delicious.

When we arrived, they were loading up the case with blueberry donuts, one of Suzy’s favorites.  She asked if they were “hot”  (“Hot now” donuts are the best).  They weren’t.  The employee said they had just finished up making the “hot now” donuts….the glazed.  They do not give away the “fancy” flavored donuts.

Suzy and I sat down as I had bought a maple glazed.  She was going to wait to eat one when she could heat hers up (8 seconds in the microwave and it’s almost as good as getting it hot off the line).   As we sat, we discussed some trials that have been going on.  You see, Suzy and he husband have stepped out on a limb.  They quit their jobs and moved to help plant a church.  It’s a limb and right now, it seems to be cracking under the weight of it all…the thing about going out on the limb when God leads you is even if the limb breaks, He will catch you.  Things are pretty tough right now.

We sat chatting long after I finished my donut.  It was nice to hang out with a friend.

The bustling donut shop had begun another batch of donuts…but not glazed.  A few minutes later, the employee who had spoken to us earlier walked over with two hot blueberry donuts.


(see glaze?  It’s still shiny which means the donut hasn’t cooled off yet.)

Seriously.  I almost cried.  How unnecessary.  How extravagant.

I was so full that Suzy ended up with more than one donut. It was the sweetest thing.

Suzy, God loves you.  He has such good things for you.

I would love to say God blesses in proportion of the sacrifice you make but it’s not true.  Our sacrifice is only a seed…His blessings are multiplied back to us.  The sacrifice is worth it.  How much is a soul worth?  Jesus thought a soul was worth a painful death.  Who can say how many souls you and your family will have a hand in bringing to salvation?  It’s worth it.  In a few years, you might remember the events but the pain and the fear will have faded away and you will say, “God got us through!”  And you will say, “God blessed us!!”

I wish (it is a wish, not a prayer…very big difference) that I could take out my pocketbook and give you the money to solve every problem (money can solve some problems but it can’t solve every problem) but then you would learn only to depend on me and not God.  Plus, I’m not financially rich yet.  He’s the answer. He is always the answer.

Bill Johnson said something recently on a podcast.  He said we all experience a “wilderness” season.  The wilderness is so we learn to rely solely on God…it’s about survival.  But the Promiseland is coming and in the Promiseland, God blesses to advance His kingdom.

Get ready for some Kingdom advancing blessings; Extravagant Blessing because your Promiseland is on the way.  And in the meantime, I tell you with confidence, “God’s got this!  He’s got you.  He’s got your babies.  And He will get you through!”

I love you, my friend.


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