Bowling for Jesus


The title sounds funny doesn’t it?  I thought so.  We sort of are going to bowl for Jesus.  Just to be clear…I’m NOT a bowler.  In fact, I’ve warned our team captain that I pretty much suck at bowling.  But it is for a great cause so I’m in.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts we are helping to launch a new church in our area.  “Day one” quickly approaches.  It has been a fun-filled year with lots of fundraising, outreach activities and getting to know our new church family.  We have made some new friends and we are looking forward to making even more friends.  As we prepare for this new venture our church needs a few things…some big things like a truck and a stage and a sound system and lots of cool things for our kids ministry.  Starting a church ain’t cheap.  We have a “plan A” a “plan B” and a “Shoestring plan” (which makes me a little sad).  We actually have some phenomenal “givers” in our church and we have raised a substantial amount of money.  In ARC (Association of Related Churches) they recommend that you have $100,000 on hand when you start.  They also offer no interest loans to churches starting out but you must have a sponsor church (an established church that agrees to pay back the money if your new church plant is unable to do so).  We haven’t quiet made it to $100,000 yet…we are ways off  and we haven’t gotten a loan so we are making one last big push to raise the money we need for all those big ticket items.  We are going to have a lot of fun doing it.  Of course, if you have a truck or a stage or a sound system and would like to donate one of those items…we would certainly accept them.

We are going bowling.  Each team member has been asked to raise $100.  I am going to try to raise a lot more than that.

Here’s the thing about it.  This isn’t just about raising money or bowling.  It’s about sowing into good ground.  While I do believe that I am “good ground”, NONE of this money goes to me.  It all goes directly to City Chapel at Slaughter Creek which is launching in South Austin (Texas).  We will be meeting at the Cinamark Theater in South Park Meadows beginning January 25, 2015.  If you are in the area we would LOVE for you to join with us.  We (the Hubs and I) believe so much in this church plant that we are giving our money, our prayers, our time, our effort…pretty much anything they ask we are giving to them.   As I said, it is good ground…why?  Because City Chapel is changing people’s lives.  It has already begun to change my life.  This is one of those times and one of those places where you are going to see a harvest now and in heaven.  Remember, when you sow into what God is doing, what He has His hand on, one day in heaven you will meet the people whose lives were changed. This is a chance to change someone’s eternity; their forever.

How can you donate?

Click here and donate on on our “Fund Me” account.

Thank you to all my faithful readers for hanging in here for this one.  I have never asked anyone to donate or buy anything.  This is such a great opportunity to help our a brand new church.  God Bless you all! (I promise, I will post more…I am working on my real estate classes right now and I’m earning a little extra money selling Pampered Chef along with home schooling…it’s been a little crazy around here).


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