A few days ago I was re-reading this post about prayer watches. This came from a prayer conference the Hubs and I attended pre-children (so probably about 6 years ago).   This information was shared by Pastor ChiChi Bismark (you can view the Bismark’s page here) .  I was reading through the prayer watches and something caught my attention.  Number 8 on this list.  It reads:

3 a.m. to 6 a.m. – Time to pray for freedom of the Bride.  Angelic activity or intervention; the time when God releases the dew of heaven; time for blessings from heaven above; blessings of the deep that lies beneath; blessings of the womb; blessings of our fathers and ancestors.  God has to bless His people.

It occurred to me that we often break generational curses but we (at least here in America) very rarely consider generational blessings; the blessing of our fathers and ancestors.

In the Jewish culture, the father blesses his children on a regular basis and without a doubt they memorize the blessings of Abraham and speak them over their children.

What about those of us who have children?  Do we speak the blessings of our father’s over our children?  I haven’t done it enough.

There is a bit of a trick to it, I think.  The trick is allowing God to  establish praying and blessing fathers in a family.  In some families, it is so obvious.  It makes me think of some of the men and women of God with powerful ministries.  Many of them had parents in ministry.  Many had or have praying parents.

I recall visiting the Suber family one Thanksgiving.   Bishop Pastor Suber’s (I’m not sure what his title is these days) mom was visiting.  She told us a story about her son traveling on a ministry trip as the young age of 18 and how she would cover him in prayer.  His plane was grounded in Italy.  He said he helped two older ladies get off the plane and they turned out to be nuns.  He had dinner with them.  He said because of his mom’s prayers he never had a chance to get into trouble.  Now that’s a praying Mama.


In Numbers 20 when Aaron died, his garment was taken and put on his son, Eleazar; the anointing (or the blessing) of the father placed on his son. When Eleazar was anointed as the high priest, wearing his father’s previously anointed garment, it was anointing on top of anointing.  Our kids need that.  They need exposure to our anointing plus the anointing God has for them; our blessing plus their blessing.

Expecting parents love to have a prophetic word spoken over their baby.  I wonder how many of us take those words and battle with them and declare them over our kids?  WE SHOULD.

Bless your kids.  Bless them with the words spoken over them in the womb.  Bless them with the words spoken over your family.  Bless them with blessings your family walks in.  My dad is a worshipper, my husband is a worshipper…my children will be worshippers…it’s in their spiritual DNA.  Let’s start passing on the blessings rather than the curses.  Just because my granddad was an alcoholic doesn’t mean I have to be or my kids have to be.  Just because your mom was an angry rage-full person doesn’t mean you or your children have to be.  Yes, break the curses and then speak the blessing!  That is a legacy I want to leave.


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