Working on adoption number 2 and looking for adoption party ideas, I came across this article on helping adoptive families. click waitingtoadopt.

What great information. Most families have someone offer to give them a shower when they are having s baby. We got our baby girl at 3 days old. We had three friends respond. One friend, Leilani brought us a whole slew of diapers, wipes, formula, and the cutest baby girl clothes…the next day…which was awesome because she was our girl was a complete surprise. And we were going to have to go and get those items ASAP. Another friend brought us food (prepared meal) which was great because we had been at a conference in Dallas when we got the call. I thank God for these people. Seriously! My family has been super supportive…baby , clothes, bedding, Christmas and birthday gifts. I’m thankful. The blog above made me think of some of the great support we received while fostering twins (newborn, premies). Some friends came over and offered to clean…that was HUGE for our sleep deprived family. My sister and another friend came over and babysat so I could take a nap, upstairs. One of my best friends, Suzy who has adopted twins and still fosters, came and provided respite care for us so we could go away for a weekend. We had some support. Foster families and adoptive families need help. Especially those new to fostercare…we had no idea what we were taking on when we signed up to foster. We were pretty prepared for children when we were asked to take our son but fostering comes with so many rules and restrictions, it can be overwhelming.

When we completed our son’s adoption we wanted to celebrate with
these friends. we were unable to have a celebration because of a crisis with another family member that ended with one of us traveling 600 miles to pick up our infant niece.

So this time around, the Hubs wants (and I agree) to throw a huge celebration for both of our adoptions. We are hoping late May or early June. Looking for ideas….back to Pinterest. just wanted to share.


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