Momlog 2015: life with a 6 year old


6 year olds bring their own challenges.  Mine is keeping me on my toes mainly because I never know what he’s going to say. 

In the fall we took a field trip with our local homeschool group to the Blue Bell factory (the best ice cream in the south that I’ve found).  He’s all about Blue Bell ice cream now.  I am definitely a fan as I grew up eating Blue Bell….that’s pretty much all my parents will buy.  I remember growing up, when we visited my grandma (who lived in Karnes City) we would pack a cooler with Blue Bell and take it to her since it wasn’t carried in her local grocery store.  My family is a fan of the Blue Bell.  

This past week we had lunch with friends at Jason’s Deli.   The Boy loves Jason’s because they offer good Mac-n-cheese.  I like it because of their California club and the fruity mix up salad…and the soups.  They offer some great healthy options but turkey, bacon and avacado on a croissant….that’s good stuff.  Plus they have great fresh fruit and fruit dip.  Most kids love it because they have a soft serve ice cream machine and free ice cream.  All the other kids in our group were begging for ice cream as soon as they ate some of their lunch (ages 6 to 11). I asked my son if he would like some.  He said “Nah.”  I told him “You like it”. He said, “I’ll get some Blue Bell ice cream when we get home. I don’t like this ice cream”. My son is an ice cream snob.  I can’t blame home because I’m a coffee snob and a dounut snob and probably some other snob too.  I did tell him there would be no ice cream once we get home, it’s now or never.  He opted out of the soft serve.  

He certainly is forming his own opinions.  TheGirl loved the soft serve.  She’s not so snobby about her snacks. 


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