Strong Men


Hey all, it’s been a while and I’m going to post at least two or three posts today.  This is just a little share.  Too long for a Facebook post so I thought I’d share here.

We host a “City Group” at our home no Sunday nights.  Us and our friends, the Branhams lead the group.  I love this group.

One of the things I love about this group is that the men in our group are pursuing God.  These guys get together and they start jamming (praise God for the music room in our house) or just sitting around talking about the goodness of God.

This past week, the Hubs made a plan for worship. The men all worked together, playing and singing (admittedly we have some incredible worshippers in our group).  Then we prayed for each other.  The men took the lead.

I am a strong leader (interpret….I’m bossy).  There are times when I just want to sit back and enjoy the worship and enjoy the Holy Spirit and not worry about what’s next.  It was sweet time of worship and refilling of the Holy Spirit.

I’m thanking God for all the men of God in our City Group.  They aren’t just leading in the spiritual things.  They are also leaders in their families as well.

Just feeling so blessed to be surrounded by these families.


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