Abundant Life


First off, I’m writing this on the Hub’s iPad….I’m am basically typing with one finger so this may be short.  

My sister wrote this post recently, click here.  I adore my sister and this post blew me away.  I didn’t know she had not experienced knowing that God loves her.  My sister is a school teacher, a middle child and she is a rule-follower.  That’s not a bad thing.  I am a bit of a rule follower too.  Then one perfect day…boom….she realizes how much she is loved.   
This week, I heard a friend who,is going through a very difficult time.  Her life kind of stinks.  She whines about and asks for prayer.  Although she seems to believe,  and attends church regularly, she is not living her life according to the Bible.  

I heard someone say once that if a non-believer lived their life according to the Bible, their life would be blessed, even if they do not believe.  Interesting….the Bible lays out some universal truths, like “you reap what you sow”.

Just thinking about my kids and how, I want to give them good thing; I want to bless them.  Because they are my kids, I want them to have food to eat and nice cloths to wear.   When they obey me, follow the rules and behave responsibly, thier lives are safer and I want to reward them.  They walk in favor with Mama.  I want to take them to do fun things, buy them a toy at the store, etc.

There is a difference between surviving in life and living an abundant life….the difference is God’s favor.  If you seek Him, follow Him, obey His Word then you will walk in favor and your life will be blessed.  If you don’t, then you are going to struggle.  You aren’t struggling against God, you are struggling with yourself.  Your spirit man will wrestle against your flesh to submit to God completely.  Give it up.  Favor is way better than just “ok”.


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