National Foster Parent Appreciation Month


I got a letter from out agency, forwarded from a state official saying that May is National Foster Parent appreciation month and “thank you”…forwarded, as if the state of Texas doesn’t have our addresses. I’m kind of put out. 

 It wasn’t even addressed to us, just a generic letter. The state wonders why there aren’t more good foster parents….they make us jump through hoops, treat us like bad employees who they are trying to fire and then when there is an opportunity to appreciate us, we get a forwarded letter. If I worked for them, I would quit… I don’t work for them.  

 Thank you to all the foster parents out there past, present and future. Thank you for cleaning bathrooms, cleaning clothes, cleaning bottoms, cleaning food (up from your floor after every meal) and cleaning hearts. You rock because you love kids that others throw away. You deserve better than a forwarded letter.
There are not words to express…loving your own kids is hard at times.  How many times do you have to tell a six year old boy to stop scratching/adjusting himself in public?  I’m tired of hearing myself say it.  Then you take on a child or group of children and you love them, pour into them even though they may never be yours.  Then if they do become adoptable, you hold your breath all the way to adoption day.  Because the system isn’t always kind or fair.   Words cannot adequately describe the gamment of emotions fosterparents experience.  At times the experience is so bittersweet. Sadness prevailed when the child who you knew didn’t fit with your family goes home.   You find yourself praying for a whole list of children every day: praying they live, know Jesus and don’t end up as teen parents or in prison.  

Know that you are Jesus’ hands on the earth.  He sees. 


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