Momlogs 2015: toddlerhood II


The girl is 2 years old now.  She’s a dare-devil and she’s busy.  The boy was sneaky (still is sometimes) but he wasn’t really into everything.  He always slept hard and she seems to need little sleep. They are so different.  

She is an adventure.

Today we visited my mom’s house. When we got ready to leave I couldn’t find my shoes.  She brought them to me.  They were wet.  My first thought was she had put them in the toilet (eeehhhww).  My niece commented that the carpet was wet in a place.  I asked her why my shoes were wet.  Keep in mind, she doesn’t speak in sentences yet.  She said to me, “Kippy.  Wawa.”  Kippy is my mom’s dog and obviously “wawa” is water. Mom keeps a bowl of water in her extra room for the animals.  My shoes had been baptized.  

I’m really going to have to keep my eyes on this one.


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