Missions Trip 2015: New Jersey


We are back in Texas.  I was planning on posting updates along the way but we were extremely busy from morning until night every day.

We started our trip by heading to Nashville.  We have several friends in Nashville and were planning on seeing some friendly faces.  We brought a guitar to give to a friend’s son.  As we drove there I felt that we were going to see them for some other reasons too.  We had the opportunity to join them for a prayer meeting for one of the daughters of their church who was diagnosed with a lifetime disease.  It was a sweet time of prayer and we couldn’t help but fall in love with the lovely people of Nashville’s The Hills.  If you are in Nashville, visit The HIlls.

Then we took off for New Jersey.

If you are driving up to the north east, avoid Virgina and the DC area…they do all their road construction during the summer.

We arrived in at the retreat center in New Jersey around 8 a.m.

new jersey camp

Seriously, it’s this beautiful.

We didn’t hang out much outside.  Dennis preached 4 messages.  Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday night (translated into Portuguese) and Sunday morning. Saturday afternoon, we taught classes.  Thankfully two of the girls took our kids to swim.   We loved every minute of it

When we first arrived, several of the students from the youth retreat the Hubs spoke at in 2007 came up and greeted us and immediately started updating us on their lives.  I’m going to share one of those testimonies in another post.

We were asked to speak/teach on the Holy Spirit.  Once the retreat started I felt it was really about God equipping the saints of the house with Spiritual gifts. That is what happened.  So many prophetic words and prayers of healing took place. The Saturday night service started at 8 pm and we left back to our room at 2 am.  Yes, we stayed and prayed until the last person who wanted prayer was prayed for….that’s what we were there for.

On the way home, we drove down to Alabama where I lived for a few years.  We prayed with some friends there too. One of my friends had been in the hospital while we were there, we prayed and the Hubs played a song and sang over him.  In fact, everywhere we stopped we prayed and ministered.

I’m so grateful to Christian Community Presbyterian Church and the folks who supported (both financially and in prayer) on this trip.  We are humbled to be a part of ministering at a church that is such a reflection of heaven (so many varying cultures and ethnicities are represented there).  We continue to pray that what they have experienced will become their norm and not a one time experience. I, for one, cannot wait to hear of all that God is doing through the church in Newark New Jersey.


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