Be Amazing


When people find out that we have adopted/are adopting they act as if we are heroes.  We do not feel like heroes, day to day….believe me.  Some days it just feels hard.

The Hubs is a songwriter.  Some people think that is amazing.

I am a writer. I’ve written one book and I’m working on the second one.  Some people think that is amazing.

The Hubs and I both packed up and moved from our hometowns, when we were single because we felt that God told us to…and eventually we ran into each other.  When people hear that they often think that is amazing.

We were trying to figure out the other day how many vehicles we have given away.  I think three since we have been married.  When people hear that we gave away a vehicle they think we are crazy and pretty amazing.

None of this feels amazing to us.  When we look back on our lives we see the goodness of God.  We feel that we have been obedient in the things God has asked us to do.  And believe me when I say we do not feel amazing day-to-day.

On our recent trip to New Jersey we reconnected with a young lady.  She was one of the worship leaders.  I though she was amazing.  Her passion for worship combined with the fact that she leads worship in three languages plus she is joy personified. I was impressed.  By the end of the weekend I found out that two years ago she was diagnosed with MS. She was dizzy; couldn’t stand, dizzy for 21 days and found out it was a symptom of MS.  This is a young woman in her 20s.  In addition to all of this, she ran a Spartan race a few months ago.  Yet, she worships through the symptoms and she loves Jesus with all her heart.  I’m guessing she doesn’t feel like an amazing person on the days that MS is raring it’s ugly head but she is.

I heard a quote, I thought John Maxwell said it but Google tells me it was Alvin Toffler.

small things

Jesus said it like this, in Luke 16:10,  “He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much”

If you want to be amazing, do the small things every day…it doesn’t say you have to do them perfectly, it says you have to do them faithfully…that means every day.

My experience has also taught me that if you want to be amazing  the most important thing is you have to DO SOMETHING! Take action!  Stop talking about your dreams and do something to move in that direction.

People who make a difference in this world are people who do things.  They do something.

God honors the “something”, even if you do the wrong thing, He will help you get to the right thing.  Seriously!  God uses people who are on the move.  What He has issues with are people who are waiting for it all to fall into their laps.  I don’t know of any person in the Bible who just had it all handed to them without moving out in faith.  God works with faith!  Do one thing today to move in the direction of your calling.  Do one thing today to move in the direction of your God-given dream.  DO SOMETHING!!!   Become amazing!  God loves for His kids to be amazing. He loves it because we point back to Him.

He uses the most unlikely people.   No matter how you look or what your cloths look like or who your parents are…doesn’t matter.  Doesn’t matter if you are black or white or in between.  It doesn’t matter if you a man or a woman or young or old.  God is looking for faithful.

Take a step.  God will lead you to the next step and the next step.

What are you going to do? (Answer outloud:  “I am going to be amazing”).


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