Thank You


Recently, had a friend tell me that her upbringing was very strict and for that reason she was not strict with her kids.  I told her, my upbringing was very strict but I was making all the same mistakes my parents made because even though they were terrible parents we all turned out to be pretty good people.

That was tongue in cheek.

My parents are great people and yes, they were strict and although my siblings and I are not perfect and have not led perfectly righteous lives, none of us have been arrested or jailed (I know for me that this was a result of prayer and the sheer grace of God because it could have gone differently), all of us gave our hearts to Jesus, all of us married men who we met in church, we all attend and serve in our churches, we take our children to church, we are good citizens, we obey the law,  we are all good friends, we love each other and are only mildly dysfunctional (anyone who says they aren’t dysfunctional or who seems like they aren’t…they are likely extremely dysfunctional…choose your crazy).

I decided to rear my children in a similar strict fashion as my parents.

Now my parents tell me I am being “too strict”.  I laugh on the inside because they don’t remember when we were young.  My mom had to have been super strict…her house was always clean ; immaculate and she had three kids and a daycare. I have two kids and can’t seem to keep my floor clean.

Several weeks ago my parents got on my case about the boy.  My dad, who was really scary when I was little was telling me to dial it back.  (All the grand kids are a little scared of him…I think it’s the deep voice).  I had a few choice words which I kept to myself.  I did take to prayer.  What my family thinks is important but what God thinks is most important.  As I prayed, God impressed upon me how gracious my parents are.  For you see, they love my son.  My son is adopted and there are some people who might not love him as much as they do  because he isn’t a “biological” grandchild; not my family.  When we adopted him, they adopted him.  That’s the kind of people they are.

So if I am strict, it’s okay. Because one thing my parents taught me (and this is what made the biggest difference) is prayer.  Yes, I am strict and I also pray for myself (to be a godly parent) and I pray for my kids (I hope they miss some of the land minds I stepped on).

My dad reads my blog so I want to take this opportunity once again to say, “Thank you”.  Please tell mom.

Thank you for being the best parents you could be.  Thank you for trying.  Thank you for praying.  Thank you for not giving up.  Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. My Christian parents believed in the belt to be used for lying, and for wilful disobedience also for those things we knew better and should not have done. With that background, I was angry and took it out on my children. Strict was the word until we took in foster children. No more paddling, Now it was sit behind the door and think about what you are have done until you are ready to say you are sorry and appologize. Today my children have forgiven me, at least I trust they have. Realize if you are raising your child to serve God, by taking them to church, and reading the Bible in the home, and praying in front of them that goes a long way as an example to theom.

  2. I’m your neighbor today at Tell Me a True Story. I loved this!! I feel like we were strict parents and now that My Three Sons are older and out of the house they tease us about things but they always tell us they had the best childhood and felt loved and safe. Isn’t that what it’s all about? And all three of them are in the church as worship pastors or teachers. I feel that is a great accomplishment for any parent. Blessings to you and your sweet parents. ♥

  3. I think it is hilarious how we can raise our kids with serious boundaries and then when they have kids and choose likewise, we feel those same boundaries are way too strict! Go figure; that’s grandparents for you. Praying parents give their kiddos an awesome example that they never forget. Sound like you came from wonderful people!

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