Best Ever


When the Hubs and I were dating, way back when, we were both broke.  Many of our dates included walking in the park and drinking coffee or watching CSI (the original one…not all those knockoffs).

When we were first married, we would sometimes drive into Austin in the middle of the night to go to Kerbey Lane.  Our “big night out” usually consisted of dinner and a movie.

Then we started fostering and getting a sitter with foster children is like getting teeth pulled.

We often do family dates but getting to go out on dates, just the two of us has been a juggling act.

Lately, it seems that God has been setting us up on some very nice dates.  And they have been FREE.


Last month, we found out that the Cheesecake Factory was doing their “soft opening” at Barton Creek Mall.  In order to train their staff, they offered a free meal for those who made reservations.  The Hubs made reservations.  We had a lovely night out with a three course meal was wonderful.  We tipped our wait staff of course but the $148 bill (we doubled with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law) was completely free.

This past weekend, the Hubs won tickets to the Texas Longhorn game.  These were just free tickets, they were through the Texas Club which means…great food (fajitas, gourmet sandwiches, roast beef, fondue, etc), air conditioned club level and then great seats in the end zone.  I seriously felt so spoiled.  I would love to attend every game, if I could attend like this…but the tickets alone are $600+ a seat plus yearly donations.  What a great date though.  The only cost we incurred was parking.

ut game1 ut game2

And more importantly, it was a great game.  My Longhorns lost in the last few minutes by one point.  While I hate that they lost (Lord, bless that kicker) the game was fun to watch and our guys played pretty well.  I’m super impressed with our QB.  (Sorry for all the football talk….for Texas girls it is required that we learn about football).  This is also a good indication of how God has worked in my life in the past few years.  I gave up football for quiet a while as I was getting very emotional (read angry) about it.  Don’t get me wrong…I do not know enough to play fantasy football with the boys but at one time I knew my teams.  Being a true Austinite (born and raised) my first love (when it comes to football) is college ball, specifically the Texas Longhorns.  When I lived in Alabama, I rooted for University of Alabama (Roll Tide) but it was never the passion I felt for my Longhorns.  Hook’em.]

Extra bonus…Matthew McConaughey was at the game…we got a few glimpses of him in his box seats that were on the same level as our club level seating.

ut game3

The score was 38 to 45. If UT got at touch down and field goal the score would be tied.

Interestingly, I am sooo very thankful and grateful.  While I am in awe, I am waiting with great anticipations to see what setup God has for us next.  Seriously, I wonder how He will top this latest blessing.  Trip to Hawaii?  (I’d be thrilled with a trip to Galveston).  Trip to Colorado?

God is good!


2 thoughts on “Best Ever

  1. I too love FREE or almost free. Lately I have gotten some marvelous FREE e-books from “Love to Read.”

    Amazon has a free e-book reader appl for your computer. A desk top or I-pad works best. You might be interested in this FREE e-book by Bob Mumford respected Bible Teacher as he teaches on Agape Love
    The Free offer is only good for a few days. Read it later, but get it now if interested. (copy and paste if clicking doesn’t work.)

  2. Sandra

    Dropping in from tell me a true story and was delighted to have read your story. God is so good to us and look just how he knows what is a real treat for us. It’s not just the needs he cares about.

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