Momlog 2015: Potty Training Saga


Eventually, they all learn to use the potty…right?  (Yes, I need some affirmation).  My compliant son was potty trained at age 2.  My “do it her way daughter” is becoming a challenge at 2 and 1/2.  She is simply too busy to use the potty and will not poop in the potty.

Conversation today:

Me: You have to poop in the potty. No one wants to clean this up.  You aren’t going to be able to go anywhere.  

Her:  You no clean me?

Me: No, I don’t want to clean you.  No one does.

Her:  Cha (aunt Sheila) clean me?

Me: Cha doesn’t want to clean you.

Her:  Meow, clean me?

Me:  No, the kitty will not clean you. Kitty can’t clean poop.

Her thinking…

Her: Deb (our niece Devri) clean me?

Me:  No, Devri is too little to clean you.

Her:  Aunt Jeanny clean me?

Me:  aunt Jenny doesn’t like to clean poop either.  

Oh my goodness!!  She is going to give me a run for my money!  


One thought on “Momlog 2015: Potty Training Saga

  1. Tell her that BIG girls go potty in the toilet; and SHE is a big girl now. Get some pretty little girl panties, and either keep her in a dress or easy to pull down shorts or pants, so she can pull panties down. If she is too little to back up to the toilet, have her climb up and face the back of the toilet after she kicks off panties. Sorry mom, but you will still need to wipe. 🙂

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