Our Girl


Hi All, just wanted to share with you all that our daughter’s adoption is complete.  We are so excited.  Just as every birth mom has a birth story, every adoptive family has an adoption story.

You can read a little about the back story here.

While we were attending a Kairos event almost 2 1/2 years ago, our fostercare agency called us and told us, “We have a brown baby for you”.  My Husband is Hispanic and we had been offered two other babies who were blond-haired, blue-eyed (like our son).  I had turned them down telling our agency (who told our CPS worker) that we wanted a “brown baby”…I really didn’t care if the child was Hispanic or African-American or middle-eastern, etc. We did want a dark-headed, brown-eyed baby.  We said, “Yes, we will take her.”  But we were four hours away in Dallas and she was in the hospital near Austin, where we live.   The placement caseworker at our agency suggested we start praying. If a foster parent is available for placement, the state will move down the list to the next family.  Apparently, this baby was baby number 10 for this mom and all the rest of her children were in fostercare or with family members in other words,  they believed she would be “adoptable”.  The family that had five of her siblings and were adopting those siblings did not want to take on a newborn.  The systems does attempt to keep sibling together.  The adoptive mom in that family had a health condition and did think she could handle a baby.  (Thank God).  My prayer at the time was simple…”God, if this baby is the one for us, please work this out. In Jesus name.”  Two hours later, the caseworker called back and said, “Are you at a church right now?  Because the state just agreed to allow the baby to go with the other foster family for a “sibling visit” and you all can pick her up anytime tomorrow.”  WOW!

This is our “brown baby”  (She isn’t really all that brown) as a newborn.

pictures from phone 603


We picked her up at a baseball field.

We had not had newborns in the house for almost two years.  I wasn’t entirely prepared.  Thankfully, a friend from Church, went on a shopping spree at Target and brought us everything from diapers and formula to sweet baby girl cloths (Thank you Leilani Owen! Seriously, you were one of the only people who came through for us.  I will not forget that act of kindness and pray often for God’s continued blessings on you and your family…one of the many reasons that God will continue to bless you!).

Here’s the kicker of the story…when our sweet girl was only a weeks old 5 or 6 weeks, her bio parents convinced a family member to take her.  The family member had four children of her own that were five years old and under and they lived in a two bedroom place (This is significant because in order to be a licensed foster home you must provide a specific amount of space for the children…this is not required for “family” or “fictitious kinship”).  She didn’t want to do it because her significant other was illegal and did not want CPS in their home. She took our baby girl anyway.  I’m not going to lie…I was very upset when they came and picked her up.  I started to pack away baby items.  I prayed.  I remembered something my friend, Esther had told me when I had my miscarriage, She said, “You can trust God with your children now or you can do it later.”  I prayed and I told God, “Please watch over my baby girl.  I know that you worked all this out for us.  I trust You.  Please keep Your hands on her and protect her.  I’m very disappointed.  I wanted more than anything to see her first smile and hear her first laugh.”

Three days later, her CPS caseworker called (a precious lady named Bonnie – who was an angel to us and who even attended baby girl’s Adoption yesterday.  God Bless, Bonnie!).  She asked if she could bring our baby girl back.  I will never forget her setting down that baby seat and saying, “The aunt said she screamed for 3 days straight.”  Baby girl, had already fallen asleep.  Bonnie looked at me and said, “She just wanted her momma.”  And with that, I was her momma no matter what the papers said.

Samantha 203


one happy momma.

Samantha 214

Every CPS case is a little different. Except for one thing…the one thing is, if you do what they ask you to do, you can get your child back.


Baby girl’s bio parents could have gotten her back if they had done what CPS asked them to do instead of fighting the system.  They didn’t do what was asked of them.  They got into trouble and ended up in jail.

We know their names.  I am not sure what we will tell our daughter when that time comes.

Their parental rights were terminated.  They had the opportunity to mediate a plan with us to see or at least receive pictures of their daughter, they choose to fight instead.  I am not even sure they know our names…

After two and half years, we adopted this little Texas tornado.

As you can see she charmed the judge (legalizing adoptions has to be a more enjoyable aspect of her job).

Although yesterday was one of my most memorable days with my daughter, my “best day ever” with her was the day Ms.Bonnie brought her home.  


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