Momlog 2015: day 5 pooping in the potty


Potty training has been very “hit or miss”.  My sassy daughter put a package of “Newmy” (Minnie  mouse) panties in my buggy one day at Walmart.  I’ve been trying to bribe her to go poop in the potty for months.  The deal being, if she does, I will let her wear the panties.  She knows how to pee in the potty but is too busy to take time go to the potty sometimes.  I’ve been trying to bribe her with m&m’s too.  Which is not allowed with foster children… They say it causes eating disorders.  This is how we were all trained…m&m’s or candy corns.  Not sure if that is ridiculous or explains some things.  Haha.

My mom came for coffee one morning last week and she suggested I put the panties on her and keep taking her to the potty. Let her experience the wet.  She hasn’t liked having poop on her for a while.  She would go and almost immediately come tell me so I could change her.  

I took mom’s advise and yes, we used all 7 pairs of panties in 4 days (she had two wet accidents).  We are on day 5 of pooping in the potty. 

This mamma is so happy.

This reminds me of the Johnny Cash song, Folsom Prison Blues.  Random right?  We grew up on Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Elvis, Marty Robbins, Willie, Roger Miller, Hank Williams, Tammy Wynette, Johnny Horton and a whole, whole lot of the Gaithers and other gospel music. Basically, gospel music and old school country.  I knew the words to most of Johnny Cash’s songs.  Here’s what I remember..”my mamma told me ‘Son, always be a good boy and never play with guns. I’m shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die…”   I always thought, “if only he would have listened to his mamma.”  People, listen to your mamma.  

I also thought about how sometimes things have to get messy so we can grow up.  That might preach.  


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