Big Bertha


Sometimes healing comes in weird way ways, at strange times and through the most obscure ways.

When I was growing up things weren’t as politically correct as they are today.  We used to play “Old Maid”.  It’s a kids card game and every card has a pair except the “Old Maid”.  That particular deck had a bunch of matching cards like, “Slim Jim” (featuring a skinny guy) and a fat lady named, “Big Bertha”.   Just to be clear, I was not a fat child.  I was pretty average.  I was active and healthy.  My three cousins, who (as you will see from this story) I counted as brothers loved to torment me by calling me fat.  Of course,  it really bothered this 8 year old girl.  They were merciless, like brothers can be.  Once they realized that I didn’t like being called “fat”, they found new and creative ways to call me “fat”.  Since we had all played the Old Maid game, they started calling me “Big Bertha”.   I hate to admit it but at times, this would bring me to tears.

Our family had a saying, “Boys will be boys”.  That was often the answer I would hear when I would tell on them for tormenting me.  That doesn’t fly with me.  Boys being boys at our house is getting dirty, wrestling, and going fast…not being mean to others.

I love my cousins…they are still my brothers.  When I was in my early 20s, I was a size 4 (I worked pretty hard to get to that point) and I realized I wasn’t a “Big Bertha” any more (I never really was but kids will believe anything).

Lance Wallnau has been hosting prayer every night. It is a great concept, he goes live on Periscope and Facebook and hosts prayer.  About 2000 people have been joining nightly for prayer.  If you “like” Lance Wallnau on Facebook you be alerted when he is live.  You can also watch past videos (Last Thursday, December 3rd, was powerful).  Mr. Wallnau is kind of loud man who is passionate about praying for politics, the nations, etc.  One night he was being very loud.  He said, “Some of you are very loud and it’s because God has given you a militant voice”.  He said a few other things.  He talked about being in military school and how they were taught to use a loud voice when responding to their commander and how we should be responding in a loud voice.  I’ve never had a problem being loud.

All of this reminded me….

You might remember be posting about going to the University of Texas game a few months ago.  We had such an enjoyable time.  While we were there, God spoke to me…what a weird place to hear from God.  The band took the field and they have an enormous drum.  The announcer said, “Big Bertha is coming onto the field.”  That’s right.  UT’s giant drum is named, “Big Bertha”.  Of course, I was immediately brought back to being called “Big Bertha”.  And then it happened.  I hear God’s voice as clear as day say, “You are my drum.  You set a beat to march to.” Drums are loud, by design.   Leave to God to take something that was negative and turn it into something powerful.

What my cousins meant to tease me with; what took root as “you are fat and will probably always be fat”;  what I had verbally denied because I didn’t want to be that person, God turned into something positive.   That was a healing moment.

This season can bring up many emotions.  For some people the sights, sounds and smells can bring back the negative. LISTEN! Pay attention!  God wants to speak to you.   God will speak when you aren’t expecting it; at unlikely times, in unlikely places.  


One thought on “Big Bertha

  1. ACloseShave

    Reminds me of Genesis 50:20ff. where Joseph, who was severely tormented and abandoned for dead by his siblings, states to them that God redeemed their evil by making it for good and Joseph allows that to be the fuel to bring reconciliation between him and his siblings.

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