The Secret is: It’s  just a Nerf War


This should be interesting. I had a dream a few mornings ago.

It went like this:

I was in a large warehouse and one end of it was glass (we could see out).  It was  a church.  It wasn’t fancy but it was cool.  I was actually in a back area helping with a class.  Many of the members were wearing t-shirts with some cool logo.  It was a pretty hip church. (Similar in many ways to our church except we meet at an Elementary school).  There was worship going and as I said I was in a back area helping with a class (maybe new members class or something with adults).  Rather suddenly the building was being surrounded by an army.  They looked very organized with full on uniforms, helmets, dark goggles and fully equipped with Mega Nerf guns.  (The boy had a birthday recently and asked for and received a Mega Nerf Gun from Nana.)  They also had regular Nerf guns and what seemed like unlimited ammo.

We have some Nerf gun wars at our house on occasion.  And some of the Nerf bullets hurt when you get hit with them.  And the Mega Nerf guns…well, if you are too close when you hit someone it can leave a mark.  Of course, none of the Nerf guns are deadly.

As the army surrounded the church people began to get very nervous and fearful.  We had a few generic Nerf Guns (imagine lame Dollar store guns with fake Nerf bullets) but we had very few bullets.

I decided to go stand in a back hallway out of range of the bullets.  Because even though, I wasn’t alarmed, it still hurts to get hit by a Mega bullet.

As I was standing in the back, these guys started come into the hallway from the outside.  They were dressed in matching t-shirts similar to our church t-shirts. And they began taking people into a back room and talking to them.  A man came up and asked to talk to me.  I went to talk to him.  I knew who he was, a friend from high school.  He was a familiar person even though I didn’t immediately recognize him. This is significant because many times the enemy comes to us as someone familiar to us or someone who knows our past.

We went into a back room, where round tables were set up and people were having little meetings. The man began to offer me a beach with a waterfall.  The beach with the waterfall is a place I have had frequent dreams of…it is a desert that has a large cliff with the bluest waterfall pouring into a beautiful blue water hole near a blue beach with very gentle waves…no one is there, it is a completely peaceful place.  He told me that if I switched to his side, the waterfall/beach would be mine.  But, I knew that the that peaceful place already belonged to me.  I told him, “You are promising me something that already belongs to me.”  I wasn’t angry just found him incredulous.  He very quickly became frustrated with me.  He went on to meet with someone else.  I followed him.  I followed him to this beautiful bay front property; a house with a boat dock next to it.  He knocked on the door and began to promise the owner he could have the house if he would change sides.  The owner was willing to do anything to “get” the property that he already owned.  I tried telling him, “It is already your property….don’t buy this guy’s promises.”  The owner was so full of fear about the pending war that he wanted to take the deal.  The owner actually walked out on his boat deck, into the water shaking his hands toward heaven…he was very distraught.

I went back to the church and spoke to the pastor.  I kept telling him, they only have Nerf guns and it might hurt but it isn’t going to kill us.  It may be very painful to be hit over and over but it will not kill us.

Then I woke up.

All I could think was…  We are willing to trade what God has already given us or promised us, to avoid a war that is fought with guns that cannot kill us.

The secret of all the things coming against us is that  it may be painful but in light of Eternity, all the enemy really has is Nerf bullets loaded into Nerf guns; it’s not permanent, nothing here is.  We take it all so seriously and it all feels real but with a Kingdom perspective, it is all so small in light of how big our God is.  We have to hold on to what our God has promised us, keeping our focus on Him.  I hear an old song coming on…”Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, then the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and  grace…”




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