Today’s Message


I try to write every day….I usually get to write three out of five weekdays.  Today, I need to start my Thanksgiving cooking and I need to take a dog crate to my mom’s house.  Instead, I am sitting down writing until the battery on my 5 year old computer craps out.  I need to get this computer fixed (around $250) or I need to get a new computer…both options seem like “not an option” right now.  I haven’t prayed about this yet.  If you follow my blog, you know that I am not posting three times a week.  I write and then many items get left in draft mode.  That’s okay.  Sometimes, I am not in a place to “complete the thought”.

Recently, I was using my book as a reference for some material I was sharing.  The material is still good but I think I have matured in some areas and would modify it somewhat.  Why? Because I am more healed today than I was ten years ago.

As I consider what to write today, the message I have is to encourage you, dear reader, to seek your FREEDOM.  Seek your healing.  That is my one message today.  As we enter the last six weeks of 2016, please do not allow another year to go by in which you remain the same and repeat the same ole mistakes and poor choices that you have made.

Stop trying to protect yourself from pain or even any emotion at all.  Get healed and allow God to be your protection.

Stop the anger.  Stop the rejection cycle.  Stop choosing to date someone who isn’t going the direction God is leading you.  STOP.

Take some time to seek God for your healing.

Stop making the same mistakes your parents made while parenting you.

Stop reading the Bible and other books but never applying the truth you read.

It’s time for real change to happen.


Hopelessness is NOT from God.  It is time for hope to be restored.

Stop trying to minister out of your good intentions and your experience with self-healing.

The only real healing is God-healing; supernatural, Holy-Spirit-led-healing.

There are no shortcuts.  Your healing cannot come from other people or a book.  Real healing takes place in His presence.  You cannot vacation your hurts away.  You cannot eat them away.  You cannot exercise them away.  You cannot work them away.  You cannot read them away.  You cannot rationalize them away.  You cannot minimize them away.  You cannot give them away.  You cannot busy them away.  You cannot internet them away.  You cannot pornography them away.  You cannot educate them away.  You just can’t….

You can seek God.  When you ask God to heal you, it is one of those prayers…one of those prayers that He is faithful to answer, every time.

Here is the deal.  What we think needs healing is often not the place God sees as our issue.  God has a way of digging deep.

He goes past the death of that child we loved to the pain of the birth.

He goes past the issue of rejection to the issue of hopelessness.

When did you lose your hope?  Where did you wonder go?  He knows.  He remembers.

He sees the little girl, peeking over the side of the crib looking at the new baby.

He hears the news, “cancer” and feels the pain of chemo.  He knows the pain of a failing liver and kidneys.

He feels the cold hand of a mother, a sister, a friend as they pass into eternity too soon.

He feels the choking nausea of infidelity.

He sees the endless prayers for healing seemingly went unanswered.

He hears the words that were spoken in the dark that shaped a warped identity.

He feels the heart breaking of the news “birth defect”.

He hears the words, “We have bad news….found dead.”

He hears “divorce” and feels the breaking of hearts and families.

He knows the sting of abuse.

He feels, sees, hears, smells and taste the bitterness of rape.

He feels the hearts break as the babies are taken out of the arms of foster loving foster parents.

He sees, feels, hears, KNOWS.  God isn’t bound to time and space the way we are.  Whatever happened to you, God was there.

We get stuck.  We do not often realize it but we often get stuck in that time or event.  We stop growing spiritually.  Our relationship with God just stops.  We go no farther.

He was there.  He was there when it happened.  Ask Him.  Ask Him “Where were you, when this happened?”  Ask Him “What did you think about this?”  Ask Him, “What do you say about this?”

Don’t be afraid.  I have never heard God say, “This was all your fault”, even if it was.  I have never heard God say, “I wasn’t there because you didn’t know me or invite me there.”  I have never heard God say, “I think this abuse was okay” or deserved.

God says, “I was there.  It grieved me.  I cried with you.  I surrounded you with people who know Me and love you.”

God says, “It was never plan for you to be abused.  It made me angry to see that abuse.”

God says, “Divorce wasn’t my plan.  I hate it too.  I want to heal your heart. You can trust me.  Even if you cannot trust other people, you can trust me.”.

God says, “I was there when they brought you the news of that death.  I wept with you.  I felt your loss. Your baby is with me now.   I love him/her more than you can understand.”

Until we get healed, we work to protect ourselves instead of allowing God to protect us.  When we protect ourselves, we do not allow God in (any farther than He already is) and we do not allow other in.

We have to be willing to ask God to heal us.  We have to get to the point of asking God the hard questions.  Ask Him.  He is not too big for your questions.  There is nothing too big or too hard for Him; NOTHING.

Seek healing. Seek life.  Seek FREEDOM.




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