Just One More


The Hubs and I watched Hacksaw Ridge last week. Great movie….not for kiddos.

As with many movies, there was one line that hit me.  One line that took my breath away.

In case you haven’t seen it, let me setup the backstory.

The movie is a true story about a young man, Desmond Doss.  He is a Christian who does not believe in violence but he volunteers for the the army during World War II.  After standing up for his beliefs and he insists on going to war as a medic without a riffle or a weapon of any kind.  His unit is assigned to Okinawa, Japan and their assignment is to take Hacksaw Ridge.  They aren’t the first unit on this assignment.  Many have gone before.  The fighting is intense and gory and chaotic (I was able to close my eyes or I might have experienced some PTSD…the movie was intense to watch).   During the battle, the unit seems to make some progress although it cost many lives only to be ambushed at sunrise.  The unit retreats.  As they are descending the ridge, Private Doss hears an injured man calling for a medic.  He goes back into the carnage.  As he rescues one soldier, he finds other soldiers who are still alive.  He begins bringing them to the ridge’s edge and lowering them down.  He keeps going back and finding the injured.  He begins to  pray….”give me just one more.”   Over and over, he prays, “Just one more.”  and he goes back into the trenches to rescue another man.  Even during his rescue, the enemy is going through the same trenches killing off anyone they find alive.

If memory serves (which is super questionable at midnight) Private Doss saved around 70 men who would have likely died without his intervention.  He was the first man to receive the Metal of Honor without firing a shot.

As I watched the scene of Private Doss praying, “One more..just one more.” and leaving potential safety to go back into the danger I couldn’t help but think of my Christian journey.  I wondered what would happen if we all prayed, “God, just one more. Help me reach just one more for You.”

What would that look like?

How would God answering that prayer change someone’s world?  Or change the whole world?

In addition to the movie, I am currently in a women’s Bible study.  We are working through the book, “Experiencing Christ Within“.  I haven’t finished the study but basically it is about trusting God completely and living our lives for His glory, in everything we do.

There are many of us that rarely get beyond our own bubble.  Sure we go to church but we do not consider that the same hope that God has given us is available to others and that we may know someone who needs God. We may be the person who can sow those seeds of hope in their life.

If we want to restore hope and wonder to the world we have to start with our neighbors and our family and our co-workers (I’m always witnessing to my subordinates – I homeschool so that means my kids).

I’ve been thinking about the prayer….”just one more” and today at our Bible study I wrote a note in my book, “God, please help us to restore hope to people.  Help me to be a restorer of hope.” The prayers are really the same…I want to help others experience God’s glory.  How can I help restore hope to others?  How can I help connect others to our Mighty God?

First pray…”just one more” then wait and listen for God to show you the opportunities He has for you.  Then do…do what He leads you to do.

It might be something super awkward like buying someone’s groceries (have you ever asked the person behind you if you could buy their groceries…oh my goodness, it’s awkward) or giving someone a hug or maybe something simple like talking to someone who is lonely.

“One more…just one more.”  Until Jesus comes back, keep going.




2 thoughts on “Just One More

  1. livefortruthblog

    I just saw the movie, Hacksaw Ridge, as well and like you, was greatly impressed with the plea for one more! What a testimony of faith and obedience to God! I have thought the same thing….why don’t I ask God for “one more” as I walk through this life. After all, we are called to go and make disciples. We are making an impact to those in our sphere of influence and what an influence Desmond Doss was! If we could all strive to make a positive difference and share our faith with “just one more, Lord”! God Bless!

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