It’s all Skittles…or is it Oranges? 


This Sunday was “Kid Sunday” at City Chapel.  Pastor Eddie, our children’s pastor preached a illustrated message based on Matthew 6:33, which says:

 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. 


He had a jar and filled half way up with skittles and said, these are all the fun things in life; all the things that we enjoy doing “for fun”.  We can fill up on them but no matter how much we may do them we cannot get full.  Overall they may be tasty but they are full of sugar and no nutrition al value.  

He then took out some meandering oranges and put them in the jar on top of the skittles. The oranges represent kingdom things that God desires for us.  Things like living for Him, reading our Bibles, praying, going to church, etc.  while the oranges are sweet and tasty, they also provide vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need.

As he put the oranges in the jar, many of them did fit because the jar was already halfway filled with skittles….

You see where he was going with this?  

If we fill our life with only fun things, we will not have room for the healthy things.  

He then emptied the jar And started over putting all the oranges in first…yes they fit.  Then he added the skittles and all the skittles fit.  

When you put God first; His kingdom first All the other stuff will be added to your life.

That was the message.  

The past few weeks our church had a fun(we always have fun stuff going on) activity sort of raffle sort of contest/challenge thing going on.  To encourage us to spend more time together, we were asked to go out to eat with other church members and take a picture hashtag it #thechurchthateatstogather oh, and hang onto our receipts. At the end of two weeks they put all the names of the partipants into a drawing and whoever’s name was drawn would be reimbursed for their meal.  Most Sundays we eat lunch out because mama likes a day off from cooking.  Let’s say we actively participated in the challenge thingy.  It was over last Sunday.

This Sunday, a large group of us went to Pei Wei.  I posted on Facebook that we were going because I dislike cliques  and always want others to feel welcome to join us.  I seriously dislike cliques…in high school I took turns eating lunch with different cliques except the druggies because I was afraid of going to jail. Anyway….that’s another story.  I grew up in to 80s and we “just say no” (thank you Nancy Regan). 

Back to lunch…

We were laughing so hard.  Mostly talking about our kids and life.  We were having fun. We stayed way too long.  I said at one point,” we should hashtag this…#itsallskittles.”  We laughed more.  We were rolling.  

As I thought about the lovely day I had today, about how our worship service was sweet…Holy Spirit, sweet, and lunch with dear friends and our small group…my cup runneth  over.   I realized, it wasn’t skittles at all….it was oranges all along. 


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