Freedom’s Price


A few weeks ago we wrapped up our first Kiaros event.  Our team of nine put together a Kiaros event for our region.  We modeled it after (in conjunction with Gateway church, in Southlake, TX).

We invested our time (conference time plus many meetings leading up to the event), our personal testimonies, and our money.  I believe our team would agree that it was worth it to walk others into new levels of Freedom.

We will be hosting another Kairos in Austin next month.  Click here to get more information.

Kairos is a free event.  We do not charge for it even though it isn’t free.

Anyone who hasn’t been to a Kairos event might wonder why would invest so much for freedom’s sake.  There really is nothing like the feeling of being free.

Freedom is never free.  Someone, somewhere is paying for it.

I am reminded of something Graham Cooke once said.

“Getting free is not revenge on the enemy.  Revenge on our enemy is when you get free then you reach out a hand and help someone else get free.” (may not be an exact quote).

Here’s the thing….I want revenge on the enemy.  I was held captive for too long.

I’ve heard people say, “Oh, I am free.  I don’t need something like Kairos.”   Honestly, this is where I would roll my eyes a little.  We can all use a fresh perspective on God.  We can all be more free.  None of us are so free that we are in a state of returning to God’s original design.  There is more.

There are things that God has walked me through in order to heal me because I had an urgent need for healing.

Hurting people hurt people.

Too often, we do not desire freedom for ourselves.  It is easier to hold on to our familiar (comfortable) place.  It is much easier to see where others need freedom rather than looking at our own life. Of course we all have blind spots.  There is no denying that it is far more difficult to see the log in our own eyes.

Here are a few signs that you need to pursue some healing in your life:

  • You are holding a grudge against someone (if you saw them at the grocery store would you turn and run away away or say “hi”?)
  • You over-react to some things.  Maybe a song, movie, statement or even a look someone gives you sets you off your emotions. (crying, disgust, etc)
  • You have angry outbursts for minor reasons.
  • You have many failed relationships.  (It may be that you are the common denominator or it could be you choose to engage in relationships with people who are damaged themselves).
  • You engage in a sin-cycle (Some people may describe this a bad habit).  You engage in an activity that is opposed to your Biblical beliefs, you may ask God for forgiveness but you tend to go back to the sin eventually.
  • You are insecure about who you are or about your relationships.
  • You have lost hope that God is good and has good intentions toward you.
  • You have believe your circumstances or people in your life are too big for God to handle.
  • You have lost sight of who God says you are and His plans for your life.
  • You keep replaying events in your mind over and over.
  • There are some things you just can’t let go.
  • You cannot seem to be content.
  • You have settled for survival rather than thriving.
  • You are not thankful.
  • No one can please you. You find yourself criticizing or judging everyone and everything.
  • Drama follows you.
  • Although you are religious, and attend services regularly and even serve in your church, you do not feel connected with God.
  • You are always frustrated.

What will freedom cost you?  

  • You will have to give up self-pity.
  • You may have to over-come some pride.
  • You may not get the attention from others because you are no longer a victim.
  • You may have to trade in your survival lifestyle for a new abundant life.
  • You may not get the accolades of service when you shift to focusing on your relationship with God, rather than being busy doing.
  • You will have to give up your mistrust of God.

As much as I would like to round people up and force a Kairos event on them……that’s not how it works.  Kairos only works if you decide you want to be free and you begin pursuing freedom.

 Freedom will cost you everything you never needed in your life.  
Freedom has a cost, yet, it’s freely given.  


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