Possessing the Gates of the Enemy: Chapter 2 Generals of Intercession


So far, no one responded to chapter one but I’m moving forward anyway. In this chapter Dr. Cindy describes how God gave her the plans for starting Generals of Intercession.  

One of her questions that I really liked was, “Why is unity in intercession important for effective prayer?”

Great question…also lines up perfectly with a chapter in my book about prayers of agreement.  Praying in agreement with other believers is not only powerful but NECESSARY! 

My question for discussion is this:

Has there been a time in your life when you were in prayer about something but did not see results until you prayed, in agreement with other believers?



Book Information


It has been a while since I have written a post.  Thank you, all you faithful visitors who continue to “check back”.  I am working on a book project and I tend to hibernate.  It is the only way to get the work part of it done.

My first book, which I am still hoping to revamp into a  group study format, is now available for electronic download.  Yeah!  It is available for the Kindle as well but here is a link to the publisher’s website:  xLibris.

Oh, the new book…the working title at this time is Fatherless.

The War Manual


Good news folks…for all of you with eReaders.

My book, The War Manual (click here) is being made available for electronic download.  Which is good since I am all out of copies of it.

I will let y’all know when it is officially “converted”.


Decision Points


I’ve been reading Decision Points by George W. Bush (or as we call him at our house “W” which for you non-Texas is pronounced “Dubya”).  I will admit, I’ve had a “secret” crush on him for years and years.  (I question what that says about me).  For years, I worked for the State of Texas first at Texas Department of Transportation then at Department of Human Services and finally at the Texas Water Development Board.  When George W. Bush was the governor, and someone asked me where I worked I would answer, “George Bush is my boss”.  (I know and I’ve been told for someone who is actually a very deep person, I am goofy sometimes.)

I am very much enjoying reading his book about the major decisions he’s made in his life. Much of the book, so far, takes place in West Texas a place I am very familiar with as that is where I met The Hubs.  Each chapter tells his story of some decision he made in his life.  For example, the first chapter is called “Quitting” about his drinking problem and how he quit.

Here are a few good quotes from the beginning of the book.

(Bush tells about a Bible Study He attended in Midland) “What is a prophet?” (the Bible study leader asked) I answered, “That’s when revenue exceeds expenses.  No one has seen one around here since Elijah.”      (This was corny but I laughed – out loud).

“If you haven’t doubted, you probably haven’t thought very hard about what you believe”

“Prayer was the nourishment that sustained me.”

“I could not have quit drinking without faith.  I also don’t think my faith would be as strong if I hadn’t quit drinking.”

“I did know that I felt a calling to run.  I was concerned about the future of the country, and I had a clear vision of where to lead it.”

(about working on his dad’s presidential campaign) “I had no title.  As Dad put it, I already had a good one: son.”

“Proximity to power is empowerment.  Having Dad’s ear made me effective.”

(On running for governor after George H.W. Bush lost the presidential election)  “I could lay out my policies without having to defend his.”

I am sure I will have some more.  Former President Bush is a fun read.  He has actually led a very impressive life from working on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico to attending Harvard Business School.  I am hoping to read some interesting stories about “Conde”  (she is definitely one of my heroes).

Tearing Down Walls


My latest read, The DNA of Relationships by Gary Smalley is turning out to be very insightful.  As I write, I am only 40% or so through the book.

One of the main points he makes is no one can make you happy…only you can control you.  You cannot control anyone else.  As soon as you attempt to control others, you lose all your power.  You have the power over yourself only.

He also talks about the fear dance we all do; we do it in every relationship.  It is how we react to conflict.  We usually react the same way (we always handle conflict in the same way) every time we deal with conflict.  Which means, we must ask ourselves if that works for us (oh, that’s Dr. Phil:  “How’s that workin’ for you?”).  If we want to see change in our relationships, we must change how we are relating; how we react to situations.

I was reading tonight about walls people erect and creating safety in relationships.  One example that was used was a couple who had a conflict over money and trust.  The husband had a secret stash of money and when the wife found out about it, she lost trust in her husband in the area of finances because he had been keeping secrets from her.  His response was to bully and tell her she just had to trust him.  She built a wall to protect herself from the hurt she felt as a result of his hiding money.  A mentor of theirs advised them that the husband must allow her have her wall that the wall was valid and he (the husband) must create a place of safety in the relationship before expecting his wife to tear down her wall.

I found this extremely interesting.  Because people always talk about “walls” as being negative.  How many times have you heard or even been advised yourself that you have to tear down walls? 

What really needs to happen for walls to be torn down, is places, even relationships of safety must be established. 

Maybe there is someone in your life who you think has walls.  How can you make your relationship “safe” for that person?   (I don’t know yet…that’s next in the book.  I’ll keep you posted). 

I am thinking this would be a great book to have a “book study” on or maybe a book club.  Anyone want to join me?

Marlboro Man


Okay, so my sister got me into reading The Pioneer Woman’s Blog (click here).  I read all her blogs about how she met and married her husband.  She never tells us his name, only calls him “Marlboro Man” because he reminded her of him.  He’s a rancher and all that goes with that.  Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman wrote a book, “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels” (Probably more polished than the blog).  Although, Miss Ree post some gorgeous pictures on her blog, I have never seen an honest to goodness picture of her husband. 

So my sister and her step-daughter have been reading the book and decided to take a road trip (girl trip) to Dallas to get their books signed.  They have both been posting on Facebook about their trip.  Melissa, Jenny’s step-daughter, posted that the “whole family” would be with Miss Ree.  I thought I was the only one…but…other friends posted, “Please get a picture of Marlboro Man and post it for us.” 

They got the picture.  I am sure my sister will post it on her Blog (click here). She posted it on Facebook but unfortunately, I cannot steal her thunder and copy and post it here…it is her story after all.

That Miss Ree is one smart lady.  She sucked us all into her life and we want to know more.

Thinking about it


My sister, Jenny told me about the Pioneer Woman.  She seems like a bit of an overachiever to me (a former overachiever).  I visited her website (click above) and I haven’t been totally sucked in but it has me thinking.  She has written a book (Black heels to Tracker Wheels) based on her blog about meeting and marrying her husband.  I’ve been checking it out…she’s funny. 

I am thinking about blogging about the great Chavez romance.  I’m not sure it is all that exciting but it has some twists and turns and some drama.  I am not sure I want to lay my heart out there for everyone to read.  Makes me a little nervous thinking about it.