I am still listening to the Orange Revival from Elevation Church.  Normally, I just listen to the podcasts.  This is a great message so I am sharing a link.  Elevation Church graciously shared (for Free)  each night’s service.  I haven’t listened to all of these messages yet but Joyce Meyer’s message and Christine Caine’s messages are worth taking the time to listen to as well.

Orange Conference Craig Groeschel

At the end of this message, Craig Groeschel shares a list of declarations that he says each morning.  These are good, so I am typing them up.

  • Jesus is first in my life.
  • I love my spouse and will lay down my life to serve her/him.
  • My children will love God and serve Him with their whole hearts.
  • I will nurture, equip, train and empower them to do more for His kingdom than they can think or imagine.
  • I love people and believe the best about others.
  • I am disciplined.
  • Christ in me is stronger than the wrong desires in me.
  • I am growing closer to Jesus every day.
  • Because of Jesus my family is closer, by body is stronger, my faith is deeper, and my leadership is sharper.
  • I am anointed, empowered and equipped to reach people far from God.
  • I am creative, innovative, driven, blessed beyond measure because the Holy Spirit dwells within me.
  • I develop leaders.  It is not what I do, it is who I am.
  • My thoughts and imaginations are under the power of Christ.  I take thoughts captive to be obedient to Christ.
  • I wake up with purpose, direction, and meaning every day of my life.
  • Pain is my friend.  I rejoice in suffering because Christ suffered for me.
  • I bring my best and then some.  It is what happens after my best that glorifies God.
  • The world will be different and better because I serve Jesus today.

I have been thinking about a 90 day challenge our pastor put forward on Sunday.   Making some declarations (maybe these or some version of these) would be a good place to start.

He ended his message by having us say, “Let me see what God can do through me.”  The message meshed so well with our pastor’s (Harry Fleming, City Chapel at Slaughter Creek click on the link to listen) message on Sunday.  Sometimes the small changes we make in our lives lead to the biggest changes.  Let’s do something and “let’s see what God can do through us.”



On Revival


“You are your own revival. You don’t need to wait for anything. You need to learn how to live from the inside to the outside. Revival is not about thousand of people getting saved. That’s reformation.

Revival happens when you and I start living in the way that God wants us to live. You can’t revive something that’s never been alive.

So revival is not about unbelievers. Revival is about believers coming back to the place they should never have left. It’s about believers coming to live in the place, living the way that God intended them to live. And when that happens, you are your own revival.

Something flows out of you that starts to connect with humanity in a big way and nothing and no one can stop it. Because nothing can stop goodness..except fear.”

-Graham Cooke

Something We can’t Label


Okay, so I am back to quoting John Ragsdale.  On Saturday night (hey a message worth listening to again), John said something in passing that has been echoing in my spirit for a while (even before he said it).  I’ve discussed it with different people.  The Bible says that from the mouth of two or three witness a word is established.  (II Corinthians 13:1)  John said God is going to do something new.  We really will not know what to call it…is it revival or renewing?  Is it rebirth?  And this new thing isn’t going to come through the people who you might think.  It will not come through people who are on television.  It is going to come though  Marys who are living in places like Nazareth; humble servants of the Lord with no creditials and no recognizable name.

I’ve heard so much lately about Christian leaders who are floating in money.  They have expensive cars and golden toilets.  These people have used what God has given them to gain riches for themselves.   When God shows favor to individuals it is to advance His kingdom, not theirs.  God isn’t going to share His glory with anyone.   That is one thing He is not sharing.  Ask Satan…that’s what got him kicked out.

 I want the new thing God is doing.  Don’t expect to see it on TBN or any other Christian television network.  It may show up on 20/20 because whatever God is doing, the world is going to be interested in it.  They are going to be drawn.  Jesus said when we lift Him up, He will draw all men unto Him.   As we get back to Jesus, there is going to be a harvest.

Since I’m airing grievances (in a way), I want to know how churches can possibly plan out every sermon for an entire year.  And another thing…since when do we use movies as the basis for sermons?  This has been bugging me for days.  There is a church advertising in the Austin area about their sermon series based on Christmas movies.  Where is the Holy Spirit in all of this?   One Sunday I was watching a well known church on TV.  The entire message was about being fit…the pastor never even opened his Bible.  I didn’t disagree with anything he said.  I TOTALLY disagreed with the lack of the Word.  Since when does “Christmas Vacation” (the movie with Chevy Chase) related to the Bible??

Bishop Tudor Bismark says, “The greatest peril in America is prayerlessness behind pulpits”.  Combine that with a lack of the Word and you have the church in America (not every church – I am generalizing somewhat).  Most of these guys have been educated in Bible colleges and Seminaries.  The only thing I can think is they either do not believe the Bible or they do not think it is applicable for today.  What are they thinking?  Has quantity (the number of people attending) become more important than quality (the number of people who are hearing and doing the word)?

I think we have learned with the whole Willowcreek  survey (see ) that churches have been developing spiritually weak Christians.   The churches of this nation with their “Media message” have failed to help new believers put down deep roots.  We have created a shallow faith. 

It’s time.  We need for God to do something in this nation that we cannot label.  We don’t know what it is but Jesus Christ is at the center of it.    We need a NEW THING!

   I am the LORD, that is My name;
      And My glory I will not give to another,
      Nor My praise to carved images. 
   Behold, the former things have come to pass,
      And new things I declare;
      Before they spring forth I tell you of them.”

Isaiah 42:8-9

  “ Do not remember the former things,
      Nor consider the things of old. 
  Behold, I will do a new thing,
      Now it shall spring forth;
      Shall you not know it?
      I will even make a road in the wilderness
      And rivers in the desert.
Isaiah 43:18-19