Focus and Other Stuff


It seems things have been crazy lately.  No, it’s not a time crunch thing.  Maybe a little bit of a money thing.  When you have no money, you just stay home.  Our Internet at home is not up and running; we are working on an alternative. 

There are two things I want to focus on right now…  1. Prayer; establishing a Culture of Prayer.  2. Writing; I would like to do some creative writing but I am not sure where to start.

The key statement in the paragraph above is “I want”.  It seems like I have had so much on my mind lately that I have not been as focused as I would like to be.

By the way, I started a diet.  It turns out I’ve gotten fat and no one told me.  How fat do you have to get before your family and friends tell you?  I would like to thank my friend Alice for actually agreeing with me when I told her I need to lose some weight.  It turns out, I am the opposite of an anorexic person; when I  look in the mirror, I see my 19 year old skinny reflection.  Seriously…I’m skinny on the inside.   In January, I went to see my friends Jennifer (who just had a baby – Congratulations) and Angela.  We took some pictures.  It turns out pictures are much less forgiving than my mirror.  It also turns out – I’ve grown quiet chubby.  And you would think I would know this since I’ve had to buy a bigger size in my cloths.  Believe me when I say that opposite anorexia is all about denial.  Dieting is a little depressing.  I want to go to Krispy Kreme and eat a donut…it makes me happy and also explains how I ended up needing to go on a diet.  And in slightly more depressing  news…Dennis has already lost over 10 lbs.  That is actually good news, the depressing part is, I’ve only lost like 5 lbs.  Hold on, I need to drink some water (yes, the diet requires you to drink massive amounts of water).

So what’s next? 

Well, I only have 50 more pounds to loose…that should get me through the summer.

Seriously, when you focus on everything else and do not take the time to discipline yourself and exercise you end up in a place where you have to do it.  And that takes time away from other things that need your focus.


4 thoughts on “Focus and Other Stuff

  1. Rob Steele

    I don’t know Casey, If you feel the need to diet, it probably is what you should focus on right now. As you get your weight under control your mind will also be freed up from denial and guilt, thus allowing a better flow of God’s power. The new slimmer you will have higher confidence and a more positive outlook which in turn opens many other doors you have been looking for. You go girl!

  2. David

    Best wishes on the weight loss…I have just started a weight loss program myself and in just a matter of two weeks i feel better by leaps and bounds…just stay consistant and it will work,

  3. Haha – ” It turns out, I am the opposite of an anorexic person; when I look in the mirror, I see my 19 year old skinny reflection.” – I feel the same way everytime I look at a picture of myself from now compared to a couple of years ago around the time of my wedding. I’m like “wait a minute. did I get bigger? My reflection doesn’t look like that!”

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